Experience the Pleasure

Experience the Pleasure


Create a VIP experience for winners at several NFL home games for the Buccaneers, Dolphins, Falcons, and Jaguars.


Each premium tailgate experience utilized IG's exclusive assets (SkyView suites, Traditional suites, and MAXimus). In some cases, multiple assets were used together to enhance the experience even more. In addition to the assets, IG helped the Publix brand to stand out with custom branding and by filling the area with experiential activations to entice people to want to participate by entering to win at Publix grocery stores in each of these markets.


Event Planning/Production | Hospitality/Catering | Graphic Design/Production | Brand Ambassadors | Tour Management | SkyView Suites | Traditional Suites | HotPocket | Ultra SkySuite | Maximus | Multi-Day | Multi-Market | Mobile Tour


  • 75+ successful tailgate events
  • 25,000+ contest winners and guests
  • Additional events requested due to success